Amis productions have a world-class reputation in image stabilisation from the air. We own and operate an impressive inventory of 5 and 6-axis gimbals, with HD and 4K packages available.

We have grown our aerial capacity on the strength of unrivalled reliability and creative excellence for clients such as the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, the Olympic Games, BBC, RAI and Rolex to name a few.

We understand and have considerable experience in installation and certification of camera systems on many different aircraft across multiple airspaces, and in international freight and customs requirements. We have in-house mounting solutions for Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 and Bell 206 / 207 / 407 airframes, and can source mounts for other aircraft on request.

Most importantly our Camera Operators are some of the most experienced in the industry, and are unrivalled in the complex and ever-shifting environment of Live Broadcast.

Cineflex V14

The HD Cineflex V14 is an ultra flexible, lightweight, high performance gyro-stabilised camera system. The system comes fitted with a Sony High Definition camera (Sony HDC-950 or HDC-1500) with various lens options available.

Flir UltraMedia

Flirs most advanced broadcast camera system, its robust military spec construction makes it an unbeatable system to cope with the demands of filming in extreme environments.

Shotover F1

A 6-axis gyro stabilised platform that delivers unshakeable stability with look down capability for use inverted, or right side up—on almost anything that moves. It rigs fast and accommodates over 175 camera and lens combinations, for the look you want. Its compact carbon fibre construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions.

Shotover M1

A small and lightweight 6-axis gyro stabilised gimbal platform designed to meet the needs of 2K, 4K and 8K live broadcast. The SHOTOVER M1 features an open platform design that allows for future resolution growth, while delivering unshakable stability and unmatched look down capability. It's compact nature makes it perfect for easy transport and fast installation

GSS C516

This platform has been developed to integrate modular digital cinema cameras with almost any long or short lens combination. The 16" turret is constructed using the latest carbon fibre technologies making it the smallest and lightest in it's class, easing transport costs and maximising aircraft endurance.

Cineflex Elite

The Cineflex Elite system is our most cost-effective Alexa-M based mount with a choice of 14.5-60mm or 30-300mm lenses. When combined with a Codex-S we can record ArriRAW in 16:9 2k resolution.

Freefly MōVI Pro

The Freefly MōVI Pro is an industry leading camera movement system that helps us get the most stable footage, whether in the air using our Alta 8 drone, mounted to a tracking vehicle or simply used handheld. The MōVI Pro supports cameras weighing up to 6.8kg,  it's compatible with mirrorless cameras all the way up to smaller cinema cameras.

DJI Ronin 2

The DJI Ronin 2 is suitable for use either handheld or mounted in a variety of ways including onto a drone, Steadicam, vehicle mount, and more. This gimbal supports a range of camera and lens configurations, boasting a payload capacity of 13.6kg. This means it can be used for everything from DSLRs up to cinema cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini or Sony FS7.

Aerial Scientific RUGGED Mount

The RUGGED Mount carries payloads up to 56kg. This mount also provides two axis movement for advanced use on roads with potholes or on boats cutting through choppy waters and across waves. Designed for multiple camera systems.


The Unimount can support up to 125 pounds, designed for use in the air or marine environments, we can also top or bottom mount the camera system.


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